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The inspiration of this collection 'Chao' came from the Chinese Dynasty, so the collection is named as ‘Chao’, which means Dynasty in Chinese, and also with a same pronunciation ‘Ciao’ in Italian, means hello, and ‘Ciao’ also means stylish and fashionable in Cantonese. So, Bettie came up with an idea and named her collection as ‘Ciao’, and want as popular as the common language, representing the collection with Chinese elements in a ‘stylish’ way, to say “Hello” to the world!

The clothing of the Royal Court of China has a long history, the craftsmanship, design and technique were the top back to the time, and every symbol and details are representing a special and different meaning. Those become the motivation for Bettie to start her design on this new collection, and focusing in a fusion between the Eastern and the Western Culture.

The raw edge of the traditional Chinese textile is also one of the key signature of the collection, that wants to simplify and uncover for representing the original to the world and bring everything back to the natural.

The unconventional cut is inspired from the jigsaw puzzle, those simple geometric shapes can have several interesting combinations. While the process of design was complicated the outcome wants to appear as simple as possible and link everything to the elementary shapes of nature. In Bettie’s design, cutting is minimised but pattern design is maximised. The balance of this is one of the unique elements which she is proud of.

World of Bettie

Worldof Bettie

Bettie began her fashion designer career in the UK.
After receiving her degree at University of the Arts London, Bettie worked for the fashion studio of Alexander McQueen and Giles Deacon, where she gained an insightful perception and hands-on experience of bespoke British tailoring. Bettie revels in the edgy juxtaposition of a forward-thinking fashion narrative and a meticulous attention to artisanship.

Bettie’s vision for tailor-made clothes is fulfilled through the respect for craftsmanship and sartorial traditions with an evocative expression of refined detailing. Her adept use of self-created patterns for suit jacket linings has imbued creative nuances with formal tailoring and the dimensionality of personalized particularities during the bespoke experience. A contemporary introspective kaleidoscope that reflects the many facets of Western and Asian cultural inspirations.

Now Hong Kong-based, Bettie launched her eponymous fashion label and bespoke tailor store, welcoming a clientele of anyone who seeks tailored-made suits with a proper touch of imagination.

‘Simplicity but not boring’ you can still spot out some ‘Complication’ in her design. That ‘Complication’ is the color of pattern, this is also one of the reasons why Bettie has been established. The previous working experience at Alexander McQueen had open up her mind into another extend, the sensitiveness on color and to stunning visual effects on the pattern.
And ‘Complication’ are also the unconventional and asymmetric cuts that she applies as unique details into her creations, through inserting the architectural element into the cutting, to make the silhouette surprisingly structured.

The Stitching at the four corners on the label of each model represents the colour of life and passion, and also the passion of Bettie as well. She hopes everyone who wears Bettie can feel this warm love.